Logs and sticks, Malvern

Log arch at 2010 Malvern Show.  Photo by The Enduring Gardener.

I saw this photo on the blog The Enduring Gardener and thought of my parents, who had their forest thinned last fall, which left a lot of woody debris.  A simple metal frame holds the logs and sticks in place.

Are you currently cleaning up from a lot of winter tree damage?

This log arch was a display at the 2010 Malvern Spring Gardening Show in the U.K. The photo is © The Enduring Gardener, which is written by Stephanie Donaldson, Contributing Garden Editor of Country Living (U.K.) magazine. She also co-authored The Elements of Organic Gardening with the Prince of Wales.

Her blog’s “Inspiration” page has a lot of great photos of the Chelsea and Hampton Court garden shows.

7 thoughts on “Logs and sticks, Malvern

  1. I have many stacks of wood from fallen trees and have considered this, but opted for plain stacks of logs. It is good habitat for insects and small animals.–and those forms of life whose business is recycling and dissolution.

    1. I think the main thing is getting the metal support right. And I suspect some of the sticks are wired in place. But it’s really effective and probably could be accomplished by the average gardener with a certain amount of determination.

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