Beautiful dreams

Last weekend, we spent a night at the Virunga Safari Lodge in northern Rwanda. While there, we took the village trail to Mwiko Primary School, a public school that receives support from the hotel.

Rwanda school mural

There is an inspiring mural of the students’ hopes for their school on one of its buildings.

Below, on the right side of the mural, there are classrooms and well-built latrines* with a hand-washing station.

3 School dream - left

There is also a computer, a teacher talking about HIV-AIDS, and students and teachers joined by love.  The organization Mothering Across Continents mentors teachers at the school and sponsored the mural.

School dreams - detail 1

Below, in the center of the mural, there are solar panels and tanks to catch rainwater runoff from the classrooms’ roofs, a grassy playing field, a smiling graduate.
4 School dream - center

The mural was painted by Igala J. and Kabuye G. working from ideas from 50 paintings by the children.School dreams - detail 2

On the right side of the mural below, there are chickens and rabbits, hills terraced for planting, the mountains, and Lake Burera.
5 School dream - right

The children currently raise rabbits in pens behind the school.

School dreams - detail 4

The school’s motto is  “knowledge, wisdom, hope.”

Below is a photo of the school, which serves over 800 children and has 12 teachers.  You can see more pictures here and here.  There’s a video of a class singing here.

School dream -school

*More information on the importance of adequate latrines in schools in developing countries is here and here.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful dreams

    1. In Niger, where schools have few or no latrines (and there are very few trees or bushes), we also heard that teachers would stay home if they had any stomach illness because of the lack of facilities. Once an expat group I worked with there received a grant request for money to build a 4-seat latrine for a school of 4,000 — because it currently had no working latrines.

      Things are certainly not so bad here, but I can still see why bathrooms would be part of the mural.

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