In which we learn some elegant French

Well, maybe not, but this French government ad carries an important message.

Below, the tagline in the lower right corner roughly translates as ‘eating, that’s good; throwing away, that sucks (ça craint!*).’

“I love food, I respect it.”

Chaque Français jette . . . “Every French person throws an average of 20 kgs. of food in the trash can each year.”

According to the FAO,  a European generates 60-110 kgs. (130-240 lbs.) of food waste yearly; an American, 95-115 kgs. (210-250 lbs.); a person from a developing country, 6-11 kgs. (13-24 lbs.).

“Don’t waste a crumb, finish your plate.”

For more information, see the campaign webpages here and here.  And there’s more about French food at French Food in the U.S.

I spotted these posters on the wonderful blog about gardening in Paris, Paris coté jardin, by Alain Delavie.

*Also means ‘that’s dangerous.’  ‘That sucks’ can also be ‘c’est nul.’

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