Vintage landscape: what a lovely idea

A garden party. . .

Bill Cunningham’s (always) charming fashion video in today’s New York Times, about The Newport Vintage Dance Week — here — made me think of these Library of Congress photos of bygone garden parties.

President and Mrs. Coolidge at White House garden party, June 3, 1926, by National Photo Company.

Click on any thumbnail below to scroll through larger photos of a variety of garden and lawn parties.

7 thoughts on “Vintage landscape: what a lovely idea

  1. I love the fact that despite the distance, we both spend our Sundays the same way. A day of New York Times and photos. Hope all is well.

  2. Everything is very well. We have had lovely weather this summer — I’m embarrassed, considering how it’s been in the U.S.

    Do you still read a paper NYT? I miss paper newspapers. We used to get the International Herald Tribune here, which is my favorite, only a week late, but now everyone has iPads, and the subscription is electronic.

  3. We get the M-F NYTImes on paper. Sunday is too big but to deal with but I try to catch Bill Cunningham online. That recent one was fabulous: the dresses, the hats, the dancing. Wished someone I knew was having a similar event. But I have noticed that those white lawn summer dress not only have tiny waists, no one of the era seems to be long waisted. They wouldn’t fit me no matter what! I’d have to opt for that loose 1920s silhouette.

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