Lake Kivu fishing boats

While we were in the southwest of Rwanda last week, we stopped at a small cove in Cyangugu to visit the Safe T Stop project, which helps members of the local fishing and fish-selling communities organize to prevent HIV-AIDS.

Safe T Stop is supported by PEPFAR through USAID.

The project has sponsored a brightly painted traditional fishing boat. When the fisherman see it on the water, they know they can get condoms and health information.

Rwandan fishing boats are actually three connected boats. The nets hang in the spaces between them.

The boat’s builders re-used parts of old tires.

Organizing to fight HIV-AIDS has helped the communities organize to improve their businesses as well. They showed us cages for farming tilipia and a new commercial refrigerator.

The Rwandan boats always remind me of cranes coming in for a landing.  The hills in the distance are in the DR Congo.

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