Sweet indeed

One of the more charming places we’ve visited in Rwanda is the country’s first ice cream shop, called Inzozi Nziza (Sweet Dreams).  It is located in the city of Butare in Huye District.

Inzozi Nziza offers artisanal soft-serve ice cream made from Rwandan ingredients. Their milk comes from a depot in Nyanza and is pasteurized in the shop.

A small cup of ice cream is 500 Rwandan francs or about 83 U.S. cents. They were serving coffee and mango flavors when we stopped there this week.

The shop was started by Kiki Kotese, Deputy Director of the University Centre for Arts and Drama at the National University of Rwanda (principally located in Butare) and Jennie Dundas, co-founder of New York City’s Blue Marble Ice Cream (its non-profit’s interesting blog here).

“Kiki wanted to start a business that would help local women, but she wanted to bring happiness and joy to Huye. . . ,” according to the shop’s brochure.

Inzozi Nziza is co-owned by  Ingoma Nshya, Rwanda’s first women’s drumming group.  Created in 2004, its members now number over 100.

The shop’s delicious Maraba coffee is carefully prepared, beginning with the hand grinding of the beans. . .

and finishing with the individual dripping of each cup.

Proof of their products’ quality is found in their visitor’s book. . .

and in our quickly emptied cups. We’re already looking forwarding to our next visit.

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