Vintage landscape: an earlier warm winter

A peaceful view of a magnolia tree blooming in a Washington, D.C., park in 1919 — before any other trees have leafed out.

That winter seems to have been as mild as the preceding year’s was harsh. But the sweet scene may belie the real state of affairs. The influenza pandemic that began in the fall remained pervasive, and in the summer to come, deadly race riots would grip the city.

Photo by Harris & Ewing from the Harris & Ewing Collection of the Library of Congress. Click the photo to enlarge.

3 thoughts on “Vintage landscape: an earlier warm winter

  1. How interesting! Especially in light of the fact that we’re having a very warm winter in DC this year. Actually eveywhere. I’m passing a Versatile Blogger Award to you (posted today on my blog). I enjoy reading your blog and I hope you pass it on to others! 🙂

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