Gardening at an angle

If you think your garden has some challenges with slope, consider this picture. This is quite a typical Rwandan farm. I put it at about 45 degrees.

Rulindo District farm. Click photo to enlarge.

The photo below is another view — rather hazy, I’m afraid — of the most common Rwandan landscape type, a patchwork of small farms on a hillside. This is in the northwest, in Rubavu District.

Typical Rwandan patchwork quilt of small farms.

Why all those people are walking down the road will be the subject of tomorrow’s post.

4 thoughts on “Gardening at an angle

    1. It’s not at all uncommon. Rwanda does not seem to have had the custom of terracing, like many other hilly countries. The Belgiums introduced the practice somewhat, and now the government and some agriculture NGOs are encouraging it, as well.

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