Sidewalk planter, 18th and F Streets, N.W.

Yesterday evening, I spotted this very simple, very pretty combination of black-eyed Susans and lavender on the corner of 18th and F Streets, not far from the Old Executive Building. The three small trees are crabapples.

Please click on the photo to get a closer look.

The planter is located along the side of a building occupied by The Council on Foreign Relations. Its facade is that of Michler Place, a home built in 1871 (the interior is from the 1980s).

ADDENDUM: Below is a photo of the planter in March 2012.

8 thoughts on “Sidewalk planter, 18th and F Streets, N.W.

    1. What a nice photo! The Washington Post Express edition had a good article on Southwest as an up and coming neighborhood. Unfortunately, I can’t find an online link to it. Maybe it will show up in the regular edition.

      1. Thank you, Cindy! My husband and I were so happy (I share the blog thoughts with him – we’re one of the few “families blogging” on the aafsw list… he offers me a lot of input). Anyway, we’re also so proud to have believed that SW would have a good future. We bought there, and we were able to have a (very, very) small garden, on the back of our row house in River Park (will try to get you pics, soon!) thanks again for sharing your beautiful images… these days we’re living in an apartment in Recife, Brazil – no garden, though… 😐 and you imagine that for a biologist (my previous life before agreeing with the continuous traveling!)
        Cheers and keep up with your gorgeous work! Congrats!

      2. and, before I forget, here is one of the last memories/views the back of our house in SW DC would offer – our “back yard” before the “Snowmagedon” or “Snowpocalipse” (Dec 2009/ Jan/Feb10):

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