Heat wave test

It’s 97° right now (noon) in D.C. and expected to get to 102° today.

What’s holding up well in my new garden?  The goldenrod ‘Firecracker’ for one.  Not yet blooming, of course, but the foliage is absolutely sprightly, I would say.  Such a great plant!

Weigela and goldenrod still upright in the heat.

All the ornamental grasses look good, even the two miscanthus that are still sitting in their pots waiting to be planted after 6 weeks. My lamb’s ear looks great (I have the old-fashioned variety that flowers wildly; it’s messy, but I like it). The Rudbeckia laciniata is green and upright, but the leaves are drooping a little. My two little rosebushes (‘Cinco de Mayo’ and some small apricot David Austin)  and a mature weigela with burgundy-tinged leaves (came with the garden) also actually look fresh.

Sophie. This was my best shot after several tries.

My almost 12-year-0ld dog, Sophie, keeps wanting to stay outside and lie on the warm stone walkway or the deck. I’m wondering if it feels good to her touch of arthritis. I make her come in after 15-20 minutes, though, so the Animal Cops don’t show up.

Here's the second best shot.

What’s not fresh looking is the bigleaf hydrangeas and a still-unidentified viburnum (also from the old owners).  They wilt at a look.  I think they may both go at the end of the summer and be replaced by oak leaf hydrandreas (both regular and dwarf). I passed one yesterday evening that had toasted-looking blooms (still pretty), but still upright stems and leaves.

Need something to help with the heat?  Check out this fun video clip at PigTown Design and then the creamy lemon popsicles recipe at Content in a Cottage.

Also, try to remember how long and cold last winter was.

One thought on “Heat wave test

  1. My dog Webster likes to go outside and bake every once in a while but then he’s happy to come inside to the joys of central air. Thanks for mentioning the popsicle recipe. Your readers will be so happy when they make them. Stay cool.
    xo, Rosemary

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