Marais garden, Paris

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The “hidden garden” of  the Musée des Archives Nationale in early September.

A quiet place to retreat to while exploring the popular Marais section of Paris.

I particularly liked the row of wire grid columns just inside the entrance from Rue des Quatre-Fils.  They enclosed upright pyracantha bushes and were underplanted with fountain grass.

Plant supports

I just wanted to show off the plant supports that a local craftsperson recently made for the garden from my “design.”   They’re cut and bent from lightweight rebar, and he gave me two sizes — about 30″ and 5′.

Two plant supports in foreground, back to back.
Two plant supports in foreground, back to back.

I can tie plants directly on to them, or I can slip bamboo poles through the loops to make a supporting grid.  They’re much easier to push into the ground than bamboo or wooden poles, and they should last pretty much forever.

Plant supports and bamboo grid -- with my sorry looking tomatoes.
Plant supports and bamboo grid — with my sorry-looking tomatoes.

Painted reddish-brown (more brown than they look in the photos), they’re unobtrusive in the flower beds.  But I think they would also be fun in really bright colors.

plant supports 3

Plant supports

Willow trellises from Gardener's Supply Company.

I love these two styles of plant supports from the Gardener’s Supply Company catalog.

I wish I had a way to work a set of these willow trellises into my garden. I’d love to see three or five of them set out in a medium to large country-style garden to provide height and some rhythm.  They range from 47″ to 70″ tall; prices from $16.95 to $29.95.

The birdcage-style supports look very French. They come 20″ to 36″ in diameter; prices from $24.95 to $64.95.

Birdcage plant supports from Gardener's Supply Company.