Life in gardens: blossom time

Under cherry blossoms, H. Hyde, via Library of Congress“Blossom time in Tokyo,” ca. 1914, a woodcut print by Helen Hyde, via Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

Helen Hyde grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and studied at the California School of Design and in Europe. While in Paris, she was influenced by Mary Cassatt’s early works, which made use of  Japanese perspective and pattern and featured the intimate lives of women and children. In 1899, she moved to Tokyo, where she studied woodblock printing techniques. She lived there until 1914.

A study in steps: pink umbrella

A glimpse of an old Japanese garden. . .

Steps in a Japanese garden, ca. 1900, Natl. Museum of DenmarkA hand-colored photo taken between 1860 and 1910, from a collection that belonged to journalist Holger Rosenberg,  via National Museum of Denmark.

Unfortunately, the museum does not have any other information about this image.

When has an umbrella ever
Kept the rain and the mist from entering a heart
And shaking it with dreams?

— Luis Muñoz Marin, from “Umbrella