In a vase on Monday: pink Muscari

2 In a vase, Mar. 21, enclos*ure

3 In a vase, Mar. 21, enclos*ure

This morning began with my three tiny pots of a pink variety of Muscari armeniaccum in the kitchen window — along with the Schnapps glasses that I’ve been collecting from our trips in the last year.

I don’t remember where I bought the little clay pots — probably at a thrift store back in Maryland more than ten years ago. The Muscaris came from the Schillerplatz Saturday flower market.

20 In a vase, Mar. 21, enclos*ure

Then I moved the trio over to our rather skinny mantel.

10 In a vase, Mar. 21, enclos*ure

14 In a vase, Mar. 21, enclos*ure

17 In a vase, Mar. 21, enclos*ure

I also tried out a second pot of Muscaris there too.

5 In a vase, Mar. 21, enclos*ure

On the dining room table, I placed a row of daffodils (also from the flower market) and some supermarket red tulips.  I bought the assorted vases at a thrift shop recently, inspired by “pins” like this one.

Since I have been taking part in this meme, my vase “wardrobe” has increased tenfold, meaning I had none before and now I have ten (foreign service life is hard on glassware).

9 In a vase, Mar. 21, enclos*ure

Then I moved the rest of my tulip purchase to the dining room table. . .

18 In a vase, Mar. 21, enclos*ure

. . . and tried out the vase assortment on the mantel.

19 In a vase, Mar. 21, enclos*ure

Where it remains.

Easter pigs, Mar. 21, enclos*ure.

Above is another pretty flower arrangement from this weekend’s Easter market in the nearby town of Degerloch.

1 First spargel, Mar. 21, enclos*ure

And on Saturday, I had my first Spargel stand sighting — at the Marktplatz farmers’ market.

2 First spargel, Mar. 21, enclos*ure.

From now through May, everyone in Stuttgart will be eating lots of white asparagus.  Mmhh. . . lecker (delicious).

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(Not very) Wordless Wednesday: head shots

A resident of Gako Organic Farming Training Centre, Kigali, Rwanda.

His best side.

His other best side.

Snapshot with a friend.

Happy Fourth of July!

Today is also Liberation Day in Rwanda.

A year ago today, my husband and I took a different way home from Georgetown and discovered Dumbarton Oaks Park, one of the country’s garden design treasures.  I took a lot of photos and blogged about it a couple of days later, here.

The 27-acre, Washington, D.C., park  was designed by Beatrix Farrand and given to the National Park Service in 1940.  It has been in a poor condition for  decades, but since 2010, the Dumbarton Oaks Park Conservancy has been working to restore it.

On Saturday, July 7, the Conservancy will hold a Storm Clean-Up to remove debris from the June 29 derecho storm.  They are asking for volunteers to join them from 9:00 a.m. to noon, starting at the Lover’s Lane Entrance on R Street.

For more information, see here and contact Ann Aldrich,

(Sorry, I guess I’m not very ‘wordless’ today.)