“Lighting the Square”

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I had the opportunity to make a quick trip to London (and Cambridge) last week. Walking through Belgravia, I passed under this installation of 70 pendant lights hung in the trees around Orange Square for London Craft Week.

The lights were made in the Cornish workshop of Tom Raffield. The craftsmen used “sustainably sourced, British hardwood species similar to the trees found in this square,” according to a nearby sign.

The better to fade away. . .

Our garden lights before:

Our garden lightpost before painting/enclos*ure

And after:

garden light/enclos*ure

The dark chocolate brown matches the ironwork on the house.

garden lights/enclos*ure

Also, I had remembered reading long ago, advice by Ken Druse that dark brown was the best color for making less-than-beautiful garden features recede.  (He specifically recommended Cabot’s Solid Color Stain in “Spanish Moss.”)

garden lights/enclos*ure

Now, in the evening, we just see floating white balls.