Redistribution of produce

Cabbage distribution, Library of Congress
Lady Henry Somerset and T.P. O’Connor in a garden distributing cabbages to children, between ca. 1910 and ca. 1915, Bain News Service, via Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.

Lady Henry  (born Lady Isabel Cocks) was an heiress who married the second son of the Duke of Beaufort.  After the couple separated, she turned to charity work on her various properties. She later became president of the British Women’s Temperance Association and a campaigner for birth control and women’s suffrage. In 1913, the readers of the London Evening News voted her their choice for first female prime minister of the United Kingdom.

Thomas Power O’Connor was an Irish journalist who founded and edited several newspapers in London. He was also a member of Parliament for the Irish Nationalist Party and later as an independent (representing Galway and then Liverpool).

I cannot tell what plants are growing in the flower (?) beds, but they are sectioned off — perhaps by bloom color?

Vintage landscape: Lake Mohonk, N.Y.

nypl.digitalcollections.Lake Mohonk HouseThe flower gardens of Lake Monhonk Mountain House, Ulster County, New York, ca. 1902, a postcard by Detroit Publishing Co., via The New York Public Library Digital Collections.

Lake Mohonk Mountain House is a resort founded in 1879 by Albert Smiley, a “passionate gardener,” and a Quaker deeply concerned with the cause of world peace. (From 1895 to 1916, he convened annual conferences on international arbitration at the hotel.) The main building, shown on the postcard above, has 259 guest rooms and is now a National Historic Landmark.

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day: zinnias

The zinnias in our cutting garden (in Rwanda) have begun to bloom this week.

lime zinnia

yellow zinnia, enclos*ure

yellow zinnia detail, enclos*ure

yellow red zinnia, enclos*ure

yellow red zinnia in my garden, enclos*ure

yellow red zinnia detail, enclos*ure

red white zinnia, enclos*ure

Bloom Day: white zinnia at enclos*ure

Bloom Day: zinnias, enclos*ure

white zinnia detail at enclos*ure

Bloom Day: pink zinnia at enclos*ure

Bloom Day: pink zinnia detail, enclos*ure

orange zinnia, enclos*ure

February Bloom Day: orange zinnia in Rwanda, enclos*ure

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day is the 15th day of each month. To see what’s blooming in other garden bloggers’ gardens, check out May Dreams Gardens.

. . .  So unguardedly, unthriftily
do they open up and show themselves that subtlety,
rarity, nuance are almost put to shame. . .

Mona Van Duyn, from “A Bouquet of Zinnias