Streifzug 4: more blumen

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Yesterday: a Blumen selbt schneiden or ‘cut your own flowers’ field, with an honor-system money box.

There were lots of calendulas and cornflowers, but only a few red poppies left in the Sommerblumen mischung or summer mix row.  In the next couple of weeks, we’ll have gladiolus and dahlias.


Streifzug 2: blooming

Yesterday evening about 7 p.m.
Yesterday evening about 7 p.m.

The cut-your-own sunflowers that I photographed last week are now blooming.

"Only paid-for flowers make friends."  A sonnenblume is a sunflower.
“Only paid-for flowers make friends/joy.” A Sonnenblume is a sunflower.
The row of purple blooms has faded.
The row of purple blooms has faded.
Late summer sunflowers?  or maybe zinnias?
In the middle, late summer sunflowers?  or maybe zinnias?

(Streifzug means ‘foray,’ ‘ brief survey,’ or ‘ramble.’)

Like every flower, she has a little
theory, and what she thinks
is up. . . .

Frank Steele, from “Sunflower

Streifzug 1: sunflowers

Streifzug means ‘foray,’ ‘ brief survey,’ or ‘ramble’ (if my online German/English dictionary does not deceive me).

Sunflowers.These photos are from yesterday’s ramble or, more specifically, bike ride.

"Only paid-for flowers make friends."The sign says, “Only paid-for flowers make friends*/joy.” Sonnenblumen are sunflowers. These are not quite open yet.

I will go back in a week or so to cut a few.
I will go back in a week or so to cut a few.

Blumen Selbt Schneiden or ‘cut your own flowers’ signs — with honor-system money boxes — are not uncommon sights alongside fields in the Stuttgart area. These long rows were beside a walking/biking/farm access path near our neighborhood.

(On the same ride, I also passed a house with a sidewalk shelf of already cut flowers in jars and a coin box.)

I don't know the name of these purple flowers.
I don’t know the name of these purple flowers.

The fields around the rows of cut-your-own flowers are filled with wheat, beans, corn, and grass for hay.

But the row was absolutely filled with bees.
But hundreds of bees were loving them.

Also, as you can see, our weather has much improved since Wednesday.  Temperatures are now well into the seventies.

*See the comments here about the translation.