Life in gardens: roof garden

“Yonge St. Mission, Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Davis on roof garden,” Toronto, July 29, 1924, via The Globe and Mail Collection (Fond 1266, Item 3318), City of Toronto Archives.

John Coolidge Davis founded the Yonge Street Mission in the 1890s, handing out food and clothing to the poor from a “gospel wagon.” In 1904, the Mission purchased the building at 381 Yonge Street, now called the Evergreen Centre for Street Youth.

Life in gardens: delicately

Aileen Parker, by John Boyd, 1920s, Library and Archives Canada“Aileen Parker watering a garden with a hose, Toronto, Ontario,” June 26, 1920, by John Boyd, via Library and Archives Canada on flickr (used under CC license).

. . . To love,
this song of water,
the insects work their garden long into the sun,
and the apples, still far away,
dream October.

— Richard Barnes, from “Watering the Lawn