The Sunday porch: Tampa, Florida

“Firemen aboard truck,” Tampa, Florida, October 1919, via Florida Memory Commons on flickr (State Library and Archives of Florida).

It’s not about the firetruck — snazzy as it is — but that trellis mounted over the front porch behind it. Was it simply ornamental, or did the vines help keep the porch and house cooler?

Vintage landscape: land of flowers

The Land of Flowers, by Burgert Brothers, ca. 1920, via Library of Congress“Land of Flowers,” open-air dance, c. 1920, by Burgert Brothers, via Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.


All the images below are details from the same picture.

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The Burgert Brothers — Al and Jean — owned the leading photography studio in Tampa, Fla., from 1918 until the early 1960s.

I couldn’t find anything more about this particular photograph, but I did find a similar image taken by the Burgerts.

The other picture, taken in 1923, shows the dance students of Mme. Lee Scovell as they performed a scene from the ballet “Land of Flowers” at the Temple Terrace Country Club.  The photo above could be from the same performance, or it could be of an earlier class of Mme. Scovell’s.

We, the Fairies, blithe and antic,
Of dimensions not gigantic,
Though the moonshine mostly keep us,
Oft in orchards frisk and peep us.

— Leigh Hunt, from “Song of Fairies Robbing an Orchard