The Sunday porch: Silver Lake

Log House, Akron, Ohio, via Miami University, flickr“Log house at Silver Lake, Akron, Ohio,” between 1905 and 1909, by Illustrated Post Card Co., via Walter Havighurst Special Collections, Miami University Libraries Commons on flickr.

.  .  . I care less and less
about the shapes of shapes because forms
change and nothing is more durable than feeling.

Terrance Hayes, from “What it Look Like


The Sunday porch: catching up

Two women, by Michael Francis Blake, Duke University Libraries Commons on flickr“Snapshot, two women sitting on the front porch of a house, unidentified,” ca. 1912-1934, by Michael Francis Blake, via David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University Libraries Commons on flickr.

Blake was one of the first African-American studio photographers in Charleston, South Carolina.  His collection at Duke consists of 117 photos in an album entitled “Portraits of Members.”

. . . our effort to open the gift of the world,
our hope to find years
in this box we tear apart.

Allan Johnston, from “Evening Conversation