GB Bloom Day for April

A bit late, I’m afraid. . .

The tulips are T. Clusiania 'Tubergen's Gem. The purple ground cover is Aubrita-Hybride ‘Lavander’.
The tulips are T. Clusiania ‘Tubergen’s Gem’. The purple ground cover is Aubrita-Hybride ‘Lavander’.

This month, I’m again stalking the pretty display garden of the Spielhaus* at the University of Hohenheim, which is close to our neighborhood.

What’s blooming? Low groundcover plants, tulips, and magnolias.

view of Spielhaus, enclos*ure
The purple groundcover is Aubrieta-Hybride ‘Tauricola’ and ‘Lavander’.
view2 of Spielhaus, enclos*ure
The pale yellow-blooming shrub is Corylopsis pauciflora. I believe the low white flowers in the foreground are Arabis caucasia ‘Schneehaube’.

There were several kinds of Tulipa clusiana or Lady Tulips.Tulipa clusiana 4, enclos*ure

Tulipa clusiana 2, enclos*ure
I believe these are Tulipa clusiana var. clusiana, although there were also var. chrysantha in the same area (as well as ‘Tubergen’s Gem’), and I realized after I got home that I hadn’t been careful enough keeping the flowers with the labels.

Tulipa clusiana 1, enclos*ure

Tulipa clusiana 3, enclos*ure

Tulipa Clusiana 20, enclos*ure

Tulipa Silvestris 3, enclos*ure

Above and below are Tulipa sylvestris subsp. sylvestris.Tulipa Silvestris 4, enclos*ure

Tulipa Silvestris view12, enclos*ure
En masse.

Aubrieta 1, enclos*ure

Phlox 1, enclos*ure
I could not find a label for these smallish pink tulips.
Euphorbia, enclos*ure
Euphorbia epithymoides growing among Scilla.
Pumonaria, enclos*ure
Blaues meer means blue sea.

P. angustifolia ‘Blaues Meers’ are also called blue cowslips.Pumonaria 1, enclos*ure

Fritillaria 1, enclos*ure

The fritillary were still blooming.  They have also been called snake’s head fritillary, chess flower, frog-cup, guinea-hen flower, guinea flower, leper lily (from the bell once carried by lepers), Lazarus bell, chequered lily, chequered daffodil, and drooping tulip.Fritillaria 8, enclos*ure

There’s a good article about them here, from the online garden magazine Dig Delve.P. Spinosa1, enclos*ure

Just behind the Spielhaus were a collection of magnolia, cherry, and plum trees.

P. Spinosa2, enclos*ure

P. Spinosa3, enclos*ure

Magnolias, enclos*ure

Heaven Scent1, enclos*ure

Heaven Scent3, enclos*ur

M. soulangiana3, enclos*ure

M. soulangiana1, enclos*ure

M. soulangiana5, enclos*ure

M. Susan5g, enclos*ure

This cultivar had long flower petals that were all leaning in the same direction.M. Susan3, enclos*ure

M. Susan2, enclos*ure

M. Elizabeth43, enclos*ure

Not far away was this creamy yellow M. Cultivar ‘Elizabeth’.

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*Part of the University’s botanical garden.