Life in gardens: coleslaw, anyone?

cabbage, Library New Zealand“A cook holding up a giant cabbage at a camp in Wairarapa[, New Zealand],” ca. 1890s, photographer unknown, via National Library of New Zealand.

One of my favorite coleslaws is made by tossing shredded cabbage, a chopped apple or underripe mango, and some chopped peanuts with the dressing part of Vietnamese green papaya salad (recipe here).

At Samoa, hardly unpacked, I commenced planting. . .
I plant cabbage by moonlight, set out more cacao.
The heart of a death’s-head moth beats a tattoo in my hand.

Carolyn Kizer, from “Fanny

Life in gardens: Dunedin, New Zealand

Baby in bucket, by W. Williams, via ShorpyEdgar Williams in a playpen tub, Dunedin, New Zealand, ca. 1892-93, by William Williams. Part of the National Library of New Zealand collection, via Shorpy.

Another possible garden use for a galvanized farm tank.

William Williams (1859-1948) was a talented amateur photographer who worked for the New Zealand Railways Department.

Below is another (more formal) Williams photo of Edgar in the garden, via the National Library of New Zealand.

Williams baby on chair, by W. Williams, via Natl Library New Zealand

Edgar lived to be over 90, by the way. He was also a photographer and bequeathed thousands of his father’s and his own black and white negatives to the National Library.