Vintage landscape: promenade

More beautiful photochroms of France from the Library of Congress. . . . Enjoy.

[The Promenade, Montpelier, France“The Promenade, Montpelier, France,” between ca. 1890 and ca. 1900, a photochrom by Detroit Publishing Co., via Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division (and all photos below).

The Tuileries garden, Paris, France“The Tuileries garden, Paris, France.”

Brest France photochrom, ca. 1900, Library of CongressThe Cours Dajot, Brest, Brittany, France.

[The Square and the Place D'Arcy, Dijon, France“The Square and the Place D’Arcy, Dijon, France.”

Caen, France, c. 1895, Library of Congress“Royal Palace and hotel de ville, Caen, France.”

Hotel de ville, posts and telegraphs, Vichy, France“Hotel de ville, posts and telegraphs, Vichy, France.”

Monks' promenade, Mont St. Michel, France“Monks’ promenade, [Abbey of] Mont St. Michel, France.”

Vintage landscape: the axis

door, insideMontpelier, south of Laurel, Md., 1931, by Frances Benjamin Johnston, via Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

(Those are antique smoking pipes in the corner.)

door, outsideThe house was built in the early 1780s. George Washington was a guest there several times, and Abigail Adams praised the owners’ “true English hospitality” after a stay.

It still stands, although the boxwoods along the front walkway are gone.

boxwoodThe estate  is open to the public and available for events. (Although, it has been closed for much of 2013 for renovations.)