The boys

mrs-gordons-boys-1907-montreal-musee-mccord“Mrs. Gordon’s boys,” Montreal, 1906, by Wm. Notman & Son, via McCord Museum Common on flickr.

The boys’ father was a wealthy businessman and banker, and their garden encompassed five acres. Next door, another four acres were owned by their uncle and aunt, Harriet Brooks Pitcher. She was an early nuclear scientist who contributed to the discovery of radon and worked briefly with Marie Curie.

The winter garden: Montreal

notman-house-1933-montreal-mccord-museumSt. Margaret’s Home, Montreal, 1933, via Notman Photographic Archives, McCord Museum Commons on flickr.

At the time of the photo, the house — built in 1845 — was a small hospital run by the Anglican Sisters of St. Margaret.  It still exists today and is called Notman House for photographer William Notman who lived there in the late 19th century.

I really covet those plant supports between the windows.