Vintage landscape: willow corral

Ninety-Six Ranch corral, Paradise Valley, 1978, Library of CongressMoving cattle into a willow branding corral on Ninety-Six Ranch, Paradise Valley, Nevada, October 1979, by Carl Fleischhauer, via American Folklife Center, Library of Congress (all photos here).

Ninety-Six Ranch willow fence, Paradise Valley, 1978, Library of Congress
Willow corral at Hay Camp on Ninety-Six Ranch, May 1978, by Howard W. Marshall.

Willow corrals are still used on Ninety-Six Ranch. In 2014, Kris Stewart, one of the current owners, told Carl Fleishhauer:

We are concerned with staying with original willow corrals – that is definitely part of Great Basin ranching. They are safer in every way; they have some give to them. And they are the cheapest fencing from a materials standpoint since almost everything is naturally already on the ranch.

Willow corral, Suzi Jone, Library of Congress
Willow corral on Ninety-Six Ranch, July 1978, by Suzi Jones.