Just because. . .

I’ve been working full-time in the garden this week instead of working on new posts.

And because we’re thinking about a London vacation.  Any ideas?  I haven’t been there in about 15 years.

Photo by Kevan Davis under CC license, via flickr.

This is the grave of John Tradescant the elder (c. 1570s – 1638) and of John Tradescant the younger (1608-1662) and his young son (and two wives).  Naturalists, botanists, gardeners — they introduced American plants to the (then) wider world.

The grave is at the Garden Museum at St. Mary’s at Lambeth (London).  The epitaph by John Aubrey reads, in part,

Transplanted now themselves, sleep here & when
Angels shall with their trumpets waken men,
And fire shall purge the world, these three shall rise
And change this Garden for a Paradise.