April trees

A repeat post from April 2013. . .

Ribbon tree in Chicago/enclos*ure

Our two days in Chicago were windy (of course) and occasionally damp, and very few trees had even begun to leaf out.

Ribbon trees in Chicago/enclos*ure

But I was taken by this arboreal display of blue outside the Fourth Presbyterian Church on Michigan Avenue.

Ribbons in trees in Chicago/enclos*ure

The ribbons were tied in the trees and along the fence in memory of the 28,828 children of Illinois who were abused last year.

blue ribbons tree in Chicago/enclos*ure

April is Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month in the U.S.  You can get more information here.

ADDENDUM:  The blue ribbons are in the trees outside the church this year (2017) as well.


this is the garden: colours come and go,
frail azures fluttering from night’s outer wing. . .

— e.e. cummings, “This is the Garden