The Sunday porch: Montgomery, Alabama

“Early dwelling, 222 S. Perry St.,” Montgomery, Alabama, 1939, by Frances Benjamin Johnstonvia Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

The porch woodwork pattern is echoed in the little attic windows. Click to enlarge.

A huge vine is growing beside the steps, but it seems to go up into the tree on the left, rather than onto the porch.

The sidewalk is tiled in a simple geometric pattern. The effect, with the arches of the porch and basement windows, is a little Moroccan/Andalusian.

The house no longer stands.

The winter garden: Montreal

notman-house-1933-montreal-mccord-museumSt. Margaret’s Home, Montreal, 1933, via Notman Photographic Archives, McCord Museum Commons on flickr.

At the time of the photo, the house — built in 1845 — was a small hospital run by the Anglican Sisters of St. Margaret.  It still exists today and is called Notman House for photographer William Notman who lived there in the late 19th century.

I really covet those plant supports between the windows.

The Sunday porch: Jericho

rae-family-home-christmas-1918-victoria-australia-via-museums-victoriaRae family home with fern fronds as Christmas decorations, Jericho, Victoria, Australia, ca. 1918, via Museums Victoria Collection.

Jericho was a gold mining town, established in the 1860s. The local tree ferns resembling palm trees were said to remind early settlers of the biblical Jericho.  By 1918, the old settlement was well into a decline, and its last buildings were destroyed by a bush fire in 1939.

Vintage landscape: groundcover dreams

10 Groundcover Dreams, ca. 1912, via NasjonalbiblioteketBlue flowers (blå blomster) in Målselv, Troms, Norway,1912, an autochrome by Hanna Resvoll-Holmsen, via Nasjonalbiblioteket (National Library of Norway) Commons on flickr (all photos here).

Resvoll-Holmsem was a Norwegian botanist, natural history educator, and conservationist. She took these rather moody early color pictures for her research.

2 Groundcover Dreams, ca. 1912, via NasjonalbiblioteketFerns (bregner), 1912,  in Målselv, a municipality in the county of Troms in northern Norway.

9 Groundcover Dreams, ca. 1912, via NasjonalbiblioteketWild berries, in Målselv, 1912.

8 Groundcover Dreams, ca. 1912, via NasjonalbiblioteketWild berries, in Målselv, 1912.

3 Groundcover Dreams, ca. 1912, via NasjonalbiblioteketAntennaria alpina (alpine catsfoot) and Phyllodoce caerulean (mountain heath), July 27, 1911, in Lom, Oppland, in southern Norway.

11 Groundcover Dreams, ca. 1912, via NasjonalbiblioteketGentianella tenella (Lapland gentian) and Sagina nodosa (knotted pearlwort) in Lom, July 6, 1911.

5 Groundcover Dreams, ca. 1912, via NasjonalbiblioteketSedum villosum (hairy stonecrop), Lom, July 16, 1911.

6 Groundcover Dreams, ca. 1912, via NasjonalbiblioteketAconitum lycoctonum  (northern wolfsbane) and yarrow (tyrihjelm og ryllik i naturlige omgivelser),  in Lom, August 7, 1911.

12 Groundcover Dreams, ca. 1912, via NasjonalbiblioteketPedicularis lapponica (Lapland lousewort),  in Lom,  July 5, 1911.

7 Groundcover Dreams, ca. 1912, via NasjonalbiblioteketScrub vegetation, at Lom, July 25, 1911.

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Oh I think of Alice gone down, down
under groundcover dreams. . .

— John Unterecker, from “…Within, Into, Inside, Under, Within…

Vintage landscape: groundcover

Adirondack flowers, photochrom, Library of CongressAdirondack mountain wild flowers,” ca. 1902, a photochrom by Detroit Photographic Co., via Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

Here at my feet what wonders pass,
What endless, active life is here!
What blowing daisies, fragrant grass!
An air-stirr’d forest, fresh and clear.

— Matthew Arnold, from “Lines Written in Kensington Gardens