In a vase on Monday: London

Last week, we were in London, and, walking around Whitehall, I discovered the 18th century Blewcoat School building and this beautiful botanical display.

I thought I would share it for today’s “In a vase. . .,” since I haven’t been able to buy flowers, and nothing is blooming in the yard (although I think I will see primroses along the fence by next week).

The building now houses a fancy bridal shop, Ian Stewart.

Why the use of onions, I’m not sure — they do seem to be cooking onions and not ornamental Alliums. There may be a connection to unity and wholeness (round, concentric layers).  One website said onions were once given as marriage presents during the Middle Ages.

A chair covered in twigs.

At the side of the building.

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In a vase on Monday: Narcissus

8 January 2016
I got tired of watching the stems — or the whole pot — of my indoor winter bulbs fall over almost as soon as they bloomed, so when I bought these four Narcissus already a few inches tall in a little plastic pot, I lifted them out of the potting mix, shook it off (I also trimmed back some of the root mass), and replanted them in chipped-up seashells at the bottom of a vase.

5 January 2016
They seem happy enough about the switch.

6 January 2016

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