The Sunday porch: irises

Two women in a pavilion overlooking irises in Japan, between 1860 and 1910. This hand-colored photograph comes from the National Museum of Denmark Commons on flickr — part of a collection that belonged to journalist Holger Rosenberg. Unfortunately, the museum does not have any additional information about it. In Heian Period [794 -1185] Japanese gardens, built in the Chinese model,… Continue reading The Sunday porch: irises

The Sunday porch (on Monday)

Today, I’m repeating a porch from August 2012, but it is a nice one. (We were traveling this weekend.) “Cottages at Maplewood [Waseca, Minnesota],” c.1880-c.1899. By Detroit Publishing Co., via Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.* Maplewood Park on Clear Lake was a national vacation attraction at the end of the nineteenth century. (Click… Continue reading The Sunday porch (on Monday)

The Sunday porch: Druid Hill Park

The Mansion House at Druid Hill Park, Baltimore, Md., between¹1900 and 1910, by Detroit Publishing Co., via Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division. Somewhere underneath that 1863 Italianate porch and tower is a respectable 1801 Federal house, similar to Homewood House at John Hopkins University, according to Druid Hill Park: The Heart of Historic Baltimore.… Continue reading The Sunday porch: Druid Hill Park

Vintage landscape: two trees

“Old tree in Bartram’s Park [sic], Philadelphia, Pa.,”  by Detroit Publishing Co. via Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division. I can’t find out why this apparently dead tree was fenced off so nicely in Bartram’s Garden in about 1908.  Does anyone know? Bartram’s is the oldest surviving botanic garden in North America.  It was founded… Continue reading Vintage landscape: two trees

Picturing England (square by square)

If a tour of the great gardens of the British Isles is not in your cards this summer, one vicarious alternative is Geograph®  — an online project that “aims to collect geographically representative photographs and information for every square kilometre of Great Britain and Ireland.” Since 2005, contributors have submitted over 3.5 million images covering over 81% of the total… Continue reading Picturing England (square by square)