GB Bloom Day in April

I went over to the University of Hohenheim’s Spielhaus garden for the first time in months yesterday to see what was blooming in mid April.  The cherry trees that were so amazing this time last year had finished and the magnolias were also winding down.  The perennial beds were still pretty subdued, except for this very… Continue reading GB Bloom Day in April

Bloom Day in July: France

We spent July 15 in France — driving home across Champagne, Lorraine, and Alsace.  For almost eight hours, we looked at the gorgeous wildflowers along the sides of the highways (a lot of Queen Anne’s lace) and listened to sad, reflective compositions on the classical radio station, Musique. It was the best comfort they could offer, the announcer said, for… Continue reading Bloom Day in July: France

GB Bloom Day for April

A bit late, I’m afraid. . . This month, I’m again stalking the pretty display garden of the Spielhaus* at the University of Hohenheim, which is close to our neighborhood. What’s blooming? Low groundcover plants, tulips, and magnolias. There were several kinds of Tulipa clusiana or Lady Tulips. Above and below are Tulipa sylvestris subsp. sylvestris. P. angustifolia ‘Blaues Meers’ are… Continue reading GB Bloom Day for April