The mission garden, Basel

During our Thanksgiving visit to Basel, Switzerland, we stayed at Hotel Bildungzentrum 21 or Hotel Educational Center 21. Although a large garden was mentioned on TripAdvisor when I was booking, I had guessed that this would mean — particularly in late November — neat gravel paths, some dormant shrubs and lawn, and beds of chilly purple pansies on a 8″… Continue reading The mission garden, Basel

A study in steps: Schürhof, Basel

After I took a number of photos of the hanging plant columns of the Basel Museum of Culture (during our visit at Thanksgiving), I turned my attention to the courtyard around them — the Schürhof — the floor of which is largely a set of low, wide steps descending to the museum lobby and gift shop. The street entrance to the courtyard and thus to… Continue reading A study in steps: Schürhof, Basel

Münster gardens, Basel

The simple garden behind the Münster of Basel, Switzerland, features a bronze replica of the church and its cloisters. The building — constructed from the 13th century to 1500 — was originally a Roman Catholic cathedral and is now a Reformed Protestant church. To scroll through larger versions of the photos, click on ‘Continue reading’ below and then on any thumbnail… Continue reading Münster gardens, Basel