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Life in gardens: standing watch

Hoeing garden w:music, Library of Congress“W. D. Terrell in garden with radio,” probably in the Washington, D.C., area, July 7, 1926, by National Photo Company, via Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

Mr. Terrell was Chief of Inspection Service of Radio at the U.S. Department of Commerce during the 1920s.

Just as Ariel, in the fables of the Middle Ages, was a spirit guardian of the air, so in this day of wireless, the Radio Inspector, a modern Ariel, stands a silent watch over the ether. But though he may be silent and, indeed, an angel, he is far from a fable, as those who attempt to dispute his wavemeter soon find out.

— from “Guiding the Good Ship Radio,” an October 1925 interview with Terrell in Radio Broadcast magazine

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Vintage landscape: Villa Doria Pamphili

Italian villaVilla Doria-Pamphili and parterre in the Monteverde section of Rome, Italy, in the summer of 1925. Photo by Frances Benjamin Johnston via Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

Today, the 17th c. Villa Doria Pamphili is part of the largest landscaped public park in Rome.

Click the photo for a better view. I like the fountain at the bottom on the left.

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Life in gardens: bridal voyage

Bridal couple, Library of Congress

“Bridal pair starting on life’s voyage,” 1876, by Mrs. A. B. Mason, via Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

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Streifzug 1: sunflowers

Streifzug means ‘foray,’ ‘ brief survey,’ or ‘ramble’ (if my online German/English dictionary does not deceive me).

Sunflowers.These photos are from yesterday’s ramble or, more specifically, bike ride.

"Only paid-for flowers make friends."The sign says, “Only paid-for flowers make friends.” Sonnenblumen are sunflowers. These are not quite open yet.

I will go back in a week or so to cut a few.

I will go back in a week or so to cut a few.

Blumen Selbt Schneiden or ‘cut your own flowers’ signs — with honor-system money boxes — are not uncommon sights alongside fields in the Stuttgart area. These long rows were beside a walking/biking/farm access path near our neighborhood.

(On the same ride, I also passed a house with a sidewalk shelf of already cut flowers in jars and a coin box.)

I don't know the name of these purple flowers.

I don’t know the name of these purple flowers.

The fields around the rows of cut-your-own flowers are filled with wheat, beans, corn, and grass for hay.

But the row was absolutely filled with bees.

But hundreds of bees were loving them.

Also, as you can see, our weather has much improved since Wednesday.  Temperatures are now well into the seventies.
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Right now — at midmorning in Stuttgart — it’s 59°F.  Our high today is predicted to be only 69°,with all-day clouds and intermittent rain.

It’s been this way since last week, and it looks like summer will not return until next Wednesday.

But yesterday about 5:30 p.m., I caught a few minutes of sun shining through my little arrangement of miniature roses, spirea, and wild strawberries.

An hour later, it was raining.


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