Our garden: flower color

I have flower colors on the brain right now.

I’m going to try some (mostly) single-color planting combinations in some sections of the long borders — and dramatic contrasts in others.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We have blooms all year round here and lots of space. The main borders are along the lower lawn, so I don’t think  that the colorful arrangements will compete too much with our terrace views of the city and hills.

I’ll probably make a good, old mess at first, but I have a year to experiment and a year to make corrections.

The photos above are some reference pictures I took of all the flowers we have right now (a few things aren’t blooming). I’ve been going around and tagging the colors of the roses and daylilies as they bloom.

I have a number of flowering shrubs in the borders that are too big to move, so I will start my color selections with them.


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8 responses to “Our garden: flower color

  1. Sarah

    Lots of “Love in a Puff” and Lantana for me, OK? Those are 2 of my favorites that I first met in Rwanda.

    • I love Love in a Puff — I need to order some. I really like the lantana — even its smell — but the orange and the pink ones are are really invasive here, so I won’t plant any more than I already have, and I try to shear them before they set berries.

      Hope you are all well!

  2. what a glorious selection you have to play with! Lots of plants I don’t know, altho the invasive Lantana is sadly familiar.

    • For a while I thought Lantana must be native to East Africa, I saw so much of it growing wild. But, of course, it’s from tropical regions of the Americas. We thew out a lot of it when we removed the shrubs from in front of the terrace. I’ll probably try to replace what’s left in the next year or two.

  3. Love all those reds and pinks together. That could make a beautiful border.

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