Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day for May

We have quite a number of blooming plants right now, but it’s been so wet lately that most are looking a bit rain-addled.

I love these Kniphofia uvaria or red-hot-poker plants even though these spikes are about done. They are the most beautiful orange.

They have bloomed steadily since we arrived in September.

My favorite blooms today are from a pink bougainvillea growing up into this conifer (I don’t have a name for it). They are now eye-level with our upstairs bedroom windows.

Bougainvillea is planted all along the front of the garden and is kept severely clipped as a tall hedge, but a long branch has escaped and has almost reached the top of the tree.

To see what’s blooming in other garden bloggers’ gardens, check out May Dreams Gardens.

(It’s raining again.)


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3 responses to “Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day for May

  1. I only had one red hot poker flower last year. I’m hoping for some more this year. Happy Bloom Day!

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